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Welcome speeches
  • Tomaž Šušteršič, Secretary General (Organizing Committee Planica & Zavod Sloski)


Keynote adress: The Future of Sports powered by AI and Advanced Technology
  • Iris Cordoba Mondejar, Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft


Keynote adress: Accelerating snowsport via digital and advanced technologies
  • Benjamin Stoll, FIS


Coffee break with a view on the ski jumping competition


MASTERCARD KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Our view on crypto, how we engage in the space & an industry outlook
  • Christian Rau, senior VP Fintech and Crypto enablement Europe, Mastercard


PANEL DISCUSSION: Regulations - Keeping Pace with the Technological Innovations
  • Andras Fischer, OTP
  • Konstantinos Adamos, Revolut
  • Iegor Avetisov, Binance
Moderator: Igor E. Bergant, Mastercard


PANEL DISCUSSION: Banks and Fintechs – Making sense of the future of payments
  • Antonio Argir, NLB
  • Alex Zinder, Ledger
  • Avishkar (Ash) Sharma,
Moderator: Dorothea Ysenburg, Mastercard


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Challenges and Opportunities for Crypto Mass Adoption
  • Terence Kwok, CEO,


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The path for mass crypto adoption
  • Luis Pinedo, Bitfinex Pay


PANEL DISCUSSION: Investment opportunities in Web3
  • Jack O'Connor, Algorand Fundation
  • Vedran Vukman, Revuto
  • Matjaz Hirsman,
  • Gregor Novak, Suncontract
Moderator: dr. Jane Thomason, World Metaverse Council


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: (Re)building the NFT trust
  • Sebastjan Pirih, CMO & Business relations, Netis


PANEL DISCUSSION: Web3 and sports - How to engage fans through Web3 business models
  • Fred Antunes, RealFevr
  • Benjamin Stoll, FIS
  • Luis Vicente, APEX Capital
Moderator: Vlaho Hrdalo, UBIK


PANEL DISCUSSION: The future of sports – Is Web3 essential for developing the sports industry?
  • Dino Rađa, a legendary basketball player
  • Mate Naletilić, Dinamo Zagreb
  • Klemen Gradišar, Ballies and Metacourt
Moderator: Tanja Bivic Plankar, Blockchain Alliance Europe


Panel: Web3 in Sports: Lessons We Learned
  • Joe Farren, Web3 Media Labs
  • Iris Cordoba Mondejar, GSIC powered by Microsoft
  • Klemen Gradišar, MetaCourt
Moderator: Pet Berisha, Sporting Crypto

The web3 industry has experienced massive hype in the last few years, followed by consolidation and creating value. In this panel, we'll learn about the good practices and mistakes in implementing web3 technologies.


Presentation: Game On: How AWS is elevating the sports industry with AI-driven innovations
    • Nils Sterenborg, Amazon Web Service


    Presentation: Securing the Payment Ecosystem
    • Tulsi Narayan, Mastercard


    Keynote adress
    • Alwin Tan, Asia Blockchain Hub President and Chairman at MetaX Technologies


    Panel: AI, Metaverse & Web 4.0: Asian - European Perspectives
    • Zhuang Rui, Meta X
    • dr. Aleksandra Prodanović Stamenović, World Metaverse Council
    • David Kvaternik, Tovarna.Tech
    Moderator: Tadej Slapink, CEO at World Metaverse Council




    Fireside chat: Sports and AI: Empowering the Active!
    • dr. Kristina Stroedter, Teamsports AI
    • Matea Vasilj,
    Moderator: Tanja Bivic Plankar, Blockchain Alliance Europe

    AI has broken in mass adoption with the launch of Chat GPT, but how is the technology used in sports? Learn how can AI empower sportswomen and sportsman.


    Presentation: Impact of Cyber Regulation
    • Mirco Rohr, Mastercard


    Round table: Regulating Cyber space in Europe – impact on safety and Business
    • Mirco Rohr, Mastercard
    • Marcin Arciszewski, Modivo
    • dr. Blaž Markelj, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security


    Round table: The future of digital payments in blockchain
    • Christian Rau, Mastercard
    • Eva Gartner, Bitstamp
    • Miha Goriup, Paywiser
    • Rene Štefančič, Enjin


    Enjoying ski jumping spectacle on FIS World Cup Final Women HS 102 Planica 2024

    Networking and Metaverse Ski Jumping with cocktails and snacks
  • DJ Boiler Room